bRPC 1.5.0

Apache bRPC 1.5.0 Release Version.

What’s Changed


  • Support IPv6 for DNS resolve by @jsl422 in #2139
  • Support naming timer sampling and worker threads by @ehds in #2136
  • Support different TimeoutConcurrencyConf for different method by @yanglimingcn in #2112
  • Add bvar is_hidden by @serverglen in #2205
  • Add server concurrency in status builtin service by @chenBright in #2097
  • Add avg latency for prometheus metrics by @Huixxi in #2024


  • Fix the issue of const unused in the example of RDMA by @goldenbean in #2187
  • Fix domain naming service host name buffer length by @ehds in #2179
  • Fix memory leak of socket by @chenBright #2169
  • Fix not end wait when ns fails to start by @chenBright #2162
  • Fix ci failed with wrong path of libprotoc by @guodongxiaren in #2132
  • Fix the periodic naming service quit problem by @chenBright in #2123


  • Remove wordexp by @wwbmmm in #2218
  • Update github workflows to skip builds for markdown-file-only changes by @kiminno in #2175
  • Reject initializing FlatMap when nbucket is 0 by @jamesge
  • Optimize some codes that violates the C++ One Definition Rule [-Wodr] by @lrita in #2161
  • Add _Alloc template parameters for FlatMap and FlatSet by @old-bear in #2149
  • Add type BasicStringPiece::const_pointer by @lrita in #2141
  • Operator overloading of PtrContainer by @chenBright in #2107
  • Make sure we can receive at least one request @yanglimingcn in #2106
  • Reduce cpu overhead when using rdma by @Tuvie in #2100


  • Prefer to use env to find bash by @wasphin Improve/add documents by @haihuju, @tanzhongyi003, @wwbmmm, @wasphin, @maheshrjl, @chenBright, @NIGHTFIGHTING, @Huixxi, @zuyu, @kiminno, @wy1433, @20083017, @Thunderbrook

Full Changelog can be found at:

Thanks to all contributors for the 1.5.0 version!

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