bRPC 1.3.0

Apache bRPC 1.3.0 Release Version.

What’s Changed

New features:

  • Support gcc on linux arm64 by @jamesge
  • Support gcc version >= 11.2.0 by @wwbmmm in #1783
  • Support the latest version of bazel(default v4.2.2) by @hcoona in #1657
  • Support multi-dimension bvar, a powerful extension of bvar by @serverglen in #1608
  • Restruct event_dispatcher source file by @guodongxiaren in #1888
  • Add http retry with error code policy by @chenBright in #1927
  • Add Nacos naming service by @yyweii in #1922
  • Add customized server bvar prefix by @jenrryyou in #1854
  • Add escape log content before printing by @jamesge


  • Fix issues in FlatMap by @jamesge
  • Fix override issue in pb by @jamesge, @wwbmmm
  • Fix some warnings for clang and revert changes on ALIGNAS/ALIGNOF by @jamesge
  • Fix rpc_replay continue when failed to init channel by @ehds in #1938
  • Fix multi-dimension bvar compile error by @dabao085 in #1937
  • Fix bvar_dump_tabs default value problem by @yyweii in #1920
  • Fix butex_wait failed with timeout by @Huixxi in #1917
  • Fix rpc_replay can’t send request equably by @bumingchun in #1910
  • Fix compile warning due to DumpOptions object by @ml-haha in #1905
  • Fix test_bvar fail on m1 mac by @wwbmmm in #1901
  • Fix the slow test in brpc_socket_unittest.cpp by @zyearn in #1898
  • Fix the first bthread keytable on worker pthread will be deleted twice by @chenBright in #1884
  • Fix currently broken MacOS build by @zyearn in #1871
  • Fix ProcessHttpRequest supports for http2 by @dandyhuang in #1868
  • Fix get_value core caused by the sampler thread start too early by @Huixxi in #1863
  • Fix UDS ut failed on MacOS by @wwbmmm in #1843
  • Fix coredump cause by bad growth_non_responsive http request by @acelyc111 in #1278
  • Fix not to abort when checking the errorno with unicode string by @tobegit3hub in #1142

Other improvements:

  • Improve/add documents by @wwbmmm, @JackBoosY, @morningman, @serverglen, @chenBright, @guodongxiaren, @xdh0817, @KaneVV1, @tanzhongyi003, @lzfhust, @Huixxi
  • Fix typos by @opheliaKyouko, @day253, @chenBright, @fansehep

Thanks to all contributors for the 1.3.0 version!

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