bRPC 1.2.0

Apache bRPC 1.2.0 Release Version.

What’s Changed

New features:

  • Support apple silicon by @jamesge
  • Add an option to allow serialize/deserialize to/from a json array by @wasphin in #1604
  • Add redis empty request check by @lzfhust in #1745
  • Add butex_wake_all support nosignal flag by @yanglimingcn in #1751
  • Add wr/wrr policy degradation by @Huixxi in #1571
  • Add with_snappy in cmake by @renzhong in #1799
  • Add check append return code by @wwbmmm in #1762
  • Add CXXFLAGS in compiling protoc-gen-mcpack by @jamesge


  • Fix the header guard of brpc/periodic_task.h by @TousakaRin in #1820
  • Fix build warning, ByteSize() is deprecated, use ByteSizeLong() instead by @yangzhg in #1723
  • Fix c struct compile error by @wolfdan666 in #1736
  • Fix auto https check by @renzhong in #1754
  • Fix json2pb::JsonToProtoMessage() supports parsing multiple jsons by @jamesge
  • Fix compile error due to std limits header absent by @GOGOYAO in #1764
  • Fix a deadlock happened in ClearAbandonedStreamsImpl path by @zyearn in #1781
  • Fix send WindowUpdate when ClearAbandonedStreams is called by @zyearn in #1786
  • Fix _dl_sym undefined reference by @wwbmmm in #1784
  • Fix thrift protocol exception by @lzfhust in #1790
  • Fix Brpc build tools error when only build static by @stdpain in #1797
  • Fix discovery naming service core by @serverglen in #1802
  • Fix rpc_press can’t send request equably by @bumingchun #1763
  • Fix hostname2ip fails when aux_buf is not long enough by @chenBright in #1818

Other improvements:

  • Improve documents by @wwbmmm, @tanzhongyi003, @guodongxiaren, @372046933, @wasphin, @hawkxiang, @TousakaRin, @Huixxi, @serverglen
  • Fix typos by @jamesge, @cyberkillor

Thanks to all contributors for the 1.2.0 version!

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