bRPC 1.1.0

Apache bRPC 1.1.0 Release Version.

What’s Changed

New features:

  • Support ipv6 and unix domain socket by @wwbmmm in #1560
  • Support protobuf 3.19.x by @hcoona in #1679
  • Support http protocol dump and replay by @guodongxiaren in #1503
  • Support nshead protocol dump and replay by @wwbmmm in #1486
  • Support parse proto-text format http request body by @hiberabyss in #1690
  • Support deliver timeout from client to server for baidu_std protocol by @wwbmmm in #1472
  • Support inherit span on bthread create by @wwbmmm in #1494
  • Add rpc_replay BUILD file by @taoxu in #1677
  • Add brpc server Start(PortRange, const ServerOptions*) by @serverglen in #1460
  • Add FlatMap insert(const std::pair<key_type, mapped_type>& kv) by @serverglen in #1468
  • Add server eps bvar @serverglen in #1483


  • Fix CheckHealth not set has_request_code bug by @serverglen in #1502
  • Fix a bug that server will send unexpected data frame to client if there are errors occur during processing stream create request by @jenrryyou in #1516
  • Fix LA selection runs too long by @KaneVV1 in #1567
  • Fix HttpResponse error by @jl2005 in #1620
  • Fix bvar status compile error by @zwkno1 in #1625
  • Fix InputMessenger client side retry policy by @ehds in #1680
  • Fix work_stealing_queue_unittest for ARM by @TKONIY in #1709
  • Fix LatencyRecorder qps not accurate by @wwbmmm in #1708
  • Fix compile error after gcc11 with –std=c++20 by @hiberabyss in #1719
  • Fix unstable UT link error by @wwbmmm in #1711
  • Fix Thrift download url to avoid pr build failed by @yangzhg in #1725
  • Remove grpc ParseH2Settings warning log by @yanjianglu in #1599

Other improvements:

  • Improve documents by @wwc7654321, @wwbmmm, @tanzhongyi003, @mahongweichina, @cdjingit, @dl239, @ehds
  • Fix typos by @yangzhg, @egolearner, @PengyiPan, @Aaaaaaron, @ehds, @JiaoZiLang, @mapleFU

Thanks to all contributors for the 1.1.0 version!

Last modified July 2, 2024: Update (f4a7271)